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Bandák miket valaha láttam 2022-ig bezáróan:

-SlipKnoT, Motörhead (3*), Sepultura (4*), Soilwork, Paradise Lost, Machine Head (2*), Nevermore, Lamb Of God (2*), Decapitated (3*), Meshuggah (3*), Ektomorf (6*), Soulfly (3*), Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Mastodon, Gojira, Pain, Jinjer, Max & Igor Cavalera, Deftones, Life of Agony, Thy Catafalque

-Fleshcrawl, Demonical, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse (5*), Kataklysm, Craniotomy, Hypocrisy, Deicide, Vader (3*), Sadist, Krisiun (2*), Gorguts, Death (DTA 2*), Obscura, I Am Morbid (2*), Necrophagia, Obituary (2*), Possessed, Macabre, Suffocation (2*), Pestilence, Rebaelliun, Hierophant, Nile, Cannabis Corpse, Gruesome, Necrot, SepticFlesh, Baest, Entombed A.D., Skeletal Remains, Gatecreeper, Malevolent Creation, Blood Incantation, Sanguisugabogg (2*), 200 Stab Wounds, Vomit Forth

Thrashing all around:
-Exodus (2*), Death Angel (5*), Testament (2*), Legion Of The Damned, Slayer (3*), Skeletonwitch (3*), Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Power Trip, Solstice, Sodom (2*), Toxic Holocaust, Anthrax, Nervosa, Exarsis, Overkill, Suicidal Angels (3*), Municipal Waste, Protector, Kreator, Bloated Pig, Black Pestilence, Mason, Schizophrenia, Evil Invaders, Warbringer, Fusion Bomb

-Vulvathrone, Gutalax (3*), Fleshless (2*), Magrudergrind, Napalm Death (3*), Cattle Decapitation (3*), Benighted, Wormed, Terrorizer, Broken Hope, Clitgore, Aborted, Full of Hell, Wormrot, Organectomy

-Black Tusk (4*), Howl, Today Is The Day (2*), Soilent Green, Acid King, Black Cobra, Abysmal Grief (2*), Meth Drinker, Weedeater, GRIME, Jucifer (3*), Primitive Man, Castle, Cough, Elder, Herder, Dopethrone (2*), Conan (2*), Bongzilla, Last Rizla, Egypt, Stoned Jesus, Beastmaker, Kadavar, Celeste (2*), DopeLord, Bell Witch, Bison, LLNN, YOB, The Necromancers, Belzebong, Windhand, Dead Lord, Lucifer, Conjurer, Inter Arma, Pentagram, Lord Dying, Black Pyramid

-Russian Circles, Maybeshewill (2*), Alcest

-Keep of Kalessin, Negura Bunget (2*), Marduk, Varg (2*), MayheM, Primordial, Kvelertak, Downfall of Gaia, Earth Rot, Venom Inc. (2*), Vampire, Mantar, Wiegedood, 1914, Necrophobic, Melechesh, Ghost (2*), Mercyful Fate, Stormruler, Dark Funeral

North Warriors:
-Haggard, Moonsorrow, Battlelore, Amorphis, Finntroll (3*), Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, Korpiklaani (2*), Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Enslaved

Open up this fuc*ing pit:
-Hatesphere, Insane, Wisdom in Chains, Heretic Soul, Walls of Jericho, Heaven Shall Burn (2*), Cataract, Killchain (2*), The Black Dahlia Murder (2*), Empires Fade, I Declare War, The Plot in You, Architects (2*), Northlane (2*), Stray from the Path, Bury Tomorrow (2*), Climates, Vanna, Drown My Day, Aversions Crown, Thy Art Is Murder (2*), The Darkest Hour, Emmure, Despised Icon (2*), Chelsea Grin, Born From Pain, Being As An Ocean, Lionheart, Stick To Your Guns, Fit For An Autopsy, Siberian Meat Grinder, August Burns Red (2*), WhiteChapel, While She Sleeps, Rolo Tomassi, Oceano, Distant, Viscera, Ingested, Enterprise Earth, Signs Of The Swarm, Jinjer

Grave Robbers:
-Wednesday 13 (2*), Ramones (Tommy, Marky), The Exploited, Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front, Extreme Noise Terror, Broken Teeth, The Flex, The Silver Shine (2*), The Hellfreaks (2*), Barb Wire Dolls, Misfits (Michale Graves (2*), Doyle), JAD, Jesus Piece, Svalbard

Creatures of the night:
-Deathstars, Dope Stars Inc., CombiChrist (4*), Mortiis, The Birthday Massacre, Perturbator (2*), Grave Pleasures, Tribulation, All them Witch, Megaherz

Places Beyond the Pines:
Venice, Bratislava, Wien, London, Amsterdam, Krakow, Prague, Transylvania, Manchester, München

© Napfolt Kft. - Médiaajánlat


© Napfolt Kft. - Médiaajánlat